Friday, May 9, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week 2014

This year for Teacher Appreciation our theme was "You're A Star" with a Hollywood feel to it. We decided to go all out this year because some of the teachers are leaving to go to a new school and we really wanted to show them how grateful we are!
 Parents came in on the Friday after school and decorated all the teacher and staff doors, you can see them here. We also hung a large marquee banner in the library so everyone would be reminded as they came to school or drove past.
Welcome to HOLLOWOOD!
There was a large 'Walk of Fame' when you came through the doors.
We had a total of 92 teachers and staff (including all the aids, lunchroom workers, custodians, office,  specialty teachers, etc.). We didn't want to leave anyone out because they all are an important part of our school! So we had to have some of the stars go around the staircase and down hallways. 
The teachers and kids absolutely LOVED this! The kids would search the whole school looking for their teachers and hop from square to square while they went down the halls.
We also decorated the faculty lounge.
The teachers got to walk to red carpet as they entered the lounge with stars and hollywood lights hanging down.
Complete with red ropes and paparrazzi!
Each day we treated the teachers and staff with food or refreshments in the lounge to enjoy.
MONDAY - VIP Breakfast
Parfait bar breakfast
We wanted to serve something that was not too heavy but also healthy enough that the teachers could customize to their diet. Walmart donated a gift card that we used to help purchase some of the food.
TUESDAY - Walk the Red Carpet
Refreshments served in the lounge all day
We passed out gifts to all the teachers and staff.
Also there was fresh veggie bowls on all the tables for the teachers to snack on in the lounge.
We put together 'Swag Bags' for all the teachers and staff and hand delivered them all to the classes and workrooms. The bags had the school logo on them and inside was a movie night!

Ridley's was so generous and donated all the popcorn and soda for the swag bags! Partyland also donated $5 gift certificates in the bags as well.
THURSDAY - Star Treatment
Miller Family Chiropractic came and did FREE massages in the lounge for the teachers during lunch which was SO AWESOME! There was also a popcorn bar for them to snack on while they relaxed!
FRIDAY - The Star You Are
Taco salad bar for lunch in the lounge.
Chili's donated bags of chips and salsa for the teacher lunch.

Students were able to dress up as characters from their teacher's favorite family movie, it was so cute to see classrooms full of little minions, princesses, pirates, and dalmatian puppies! Teacher's also channeled their inner movie star and dressed up for some prizes. Here are the stars...

We had gift cards donated from Olive Garden and Little Corner Cafe but our grand prize was a movie package donated form Megaplex Theaters!

And the grand prize winner was....

Call us bias but we sure do love Frozen!
Also each morning we had the principal announce a few awards over the speakers for teachers. It was a great way to spotlight everyone.

These teacher awards were so cute and funny! There was one to fit each teacher.
That pretty much wraps up our Teacher Appreciation week!  Each of us are so lucky to have such great teachers and staff at this school, you all are truly STARS! Thank you for the hours of hard work, dedication, and everything you do for the children to help them learn and grow!

We would also like to thank the local businesses for their support and donations for our teachers as well!