America's Battle of the Books is a voluntary reading incentive program for students in grades 3-6. The purpose is simply to encourage students to read good books and have fun while competing with peers.

Participating students will be part of a team of 4-5 students. STUDENTS MUST COMMIT TO READING AT LEAST  4 BOOKS FROM THE 20 BOOKS ON THE BATTLE OF THE BOOKS LIST.  The books are available in the Hidden Hollow school library. We give students a zip-lock bag and ask them to keep their books in the bag when they are not reading them. The "battles" (tournament) will be held the end of February or the first part of March. Teams will participate in the tournament during the school day where they will compete as a team to answer questions about the books from the list. All of the questions are worded so the answer is the name of the book. For example, "In what book is there a pig named Wilber?". (Charlotte's Web) They receive 3 points for knowing the name of the book and an additional 2 points if they know the last name of the author (in this case, White). If each student reads at least 4 of the books, all 20 books will have been read by the team. However, the more books each student reads, the better the team will be able to answer the questions. Teachers may assign the student the 4 books or they may let them choose. It will be up to each teacher to decide how they want to do it. Students will also be able to collect buttons of the books they read. We hope they will want to collect all 20! We encourage students to read all of the books on the list! If they do, they will receive an award or prize. There are 20 books in each division (3rd/4th grade & 5th/6th grade).

Again, students do not have to read every book on the list, but if they sign up to participate, they must commit to reading at least 4 books.Teams will consist of students from varying reading levels to ensure the success of every team. Trophies will be given out to each team member in the first and second place teams in each division. The first place 5/6 grade team will go on to the Alpine School District competition on Saturday, March 29th (place TBA).

3rd/4th Grade Battle of the Books List:

Candy Bomber - Tunnel
Each Little Bird That Sings -Wiles
Island of the Blue Dolphins -O'Dell
Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher -Coville
Just a Dream -Van Allsburg
Magic School Bus "Inside the Earth" -Cole
Magic Tree House: Buffalo Before Breakfast -Osborne
McBroom and the Wonderful One-Acre Farm -Fleishmann
Miss Rumphius -Cooney
Hank the Cowdog -Erickson
Ribsy -Cleary
Sarah, Plain and Tall - MacLachlan
Seven Wonder of Sassafras Spring -Birney
Stone Fox -Gardiner
The Bee Tree -Ploacco
The Chalk Box Kid -Bulla
The Littles -Peterson
The Million Dollar Shot -Gutman
The Talented Clementine -Pennypacker
Wanted...Mud Blossom -Byars

5th/6th Grade Battle of the Books List:

All About Sam -Lowry
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -Dahl
Dealing with Dragons -Wrede
Fables -Lobel
Ida B...... -Hannigan
Night of the Twisters -Ruckman
Ralph S. Mouse -Cleary
Regarding the Fountain -Klise
Ruby Holler -Creech
Snow Treasure -McSwigan
Summer of the Monkeys -Rawls
The Best School Year Ever -Robinson
The Great Brain -Fitzgerald
The Hobbit -Tolkien
The Sign of the Beaver -Speare
The Velveteen Rabbit -Williams
The Westing Game- Raskin
Tuck Everlasting -Babbitt
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon -Lin
Worth -LaFaye

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