Box tops are a great way to earn money for the school. You see them on many consumer products that are used everyday. Students earn buzz bucks for box tops that are turned in. The best way to turn them in to the school is to attach them (using tape or glue, not staples) onto a box top paper, or any paper, in increments of 10. Students will receive 1 box tops for every 10 box tops. If they turn in box tops not attached to paper, like in a baggie, they will receive 1 box top for every 20 turned in.

Buzz bucks can be used at the PTA store for prizes. There is a variety of prizes of different amounts of buzz bucks, so students can save up for big prizes or for smaller prizes for 1 or 2 buzz bucks. The store will be open at lunch time one day a month, and will visit kindergarten classrooms on that day.


We also take Labels 4 Education. These can be found on Campbell's soup, Chunky soup and Goldfish crackers, to name a few. For more information and a more complete list, visit

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